Our  Doggy Daycare is the best in the area.

The  daycare is located in its own wing with large playyards and inside rooms for naps and rest. Our Doggy Daycare  is open to non aggressive dogs for together play with a watchful, interactive staff. dogs must be able to play together safely. 

Daycare at Country Brook Kennels
**For early drop off or late pick up we provide each dog with his or her own room with comfy kurunda beds. This is available for dogs that come at least 3 days per week or more only!  We charge 5.00 per day for early drop off or late pick up.  Early drop off starts at 5a.m   Late pickup starts at 7pm.
Phone: 603-332-2972
All dogs older than 6 months must be neutered/spayed if they spend their days here at playtime.
                                            $2.00 per dose     $5.00 per injection

We require that all pets must be fully vaccinated including kennel cough for dogs.  
Our guests must be flea and tick free as well as healthy. 
We do not recommend long term boarding.  If you need to board your pet for over 14 days, it will be need to be approved by the owner.  Full payment is required up front for boarding over 14 days.