Boarding at Country Brook Kennels Phone: 603-332-2972

                                                               Emergency Services
If a vet is needed during your animal's stay we make every effort to use your preferred vet.  If your vet is unavailable, we use Broadview Animal Hospital which  is located a quick 7 minutes away from our facility! We highly recommend them for quality vet care.
Please bring ample amounts of your pets food.  We try to stay as close as we can to the schedule at home they are used too.  New foods at different times can uset a pet.  Feel free to include treats, too.  
We do offer our own treats if ones are not provided that are wholesome and natural.  Please be sure to let us know of any allergies.
If your pet has medication, please fill out the medi sheet with correct dosage and times.  This will be kept on your animals room door in bright orange.  The staff makes sure its given at the right times and amounts and signs it.  We do charge a small fee for meds.  Please be sure to bring extra meds and food to be sure we are covered should your time away be extended.
We also care for small animals such as ferrets, bunnies, birds and more.  Yes, we have even boarded Pot Belly pigs.  Rates depend on the animal and care required.
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We do not recommend long term boarding.  If you need to board your pet for over 14 days, it will need to be approved by the owner.  Full payment is required up front for boarding over 14 days.